by Thomas A. Droleskey

     A recent issue of CHRIST OR CHAOS examined Los 
Angeles Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahony's cozy 
relationship with archdiocesan donors who had also 
contributed hefty sums of money to support the pro-
abortion Democratic Party. Cardinal Mahony even went so 
far as to write a letter to then-President Bill Clinton 
in support of a pardon of a convicted drug dealer whose 
father was a major contributor to the Archdiocese of Los 
Angeles and the Democratic Party. Cardinal Mahony later 
said he was deceived by those who had importuned him. 
However, he had indicated his readiness to do the bidding 
of those who believe it is perfectly appropriate to 
support the candidacies of those who promote the mystical 
destruction of our Lord in the person of unborn children. 
A man who has bestowed papal honors on two purveyors of 
indecency and immorality in our culture, Rupert Murdoch 
and Roy Disney (both of whom are Masons), demonstrated 
his utter lack of regard for how stained the money he has 
accepted from wealthy contributors is stained by the 
blood of the innocent.

     Well, an article uncovered by Linda Muller, who runs 
the website for Patrick J. Buchanan, reveals that blood 
money flows freely into the coffers of supposedly pro-
life politicians in "conservative" Orange County, 
California. Written in 1998 by R. Scott Moxley of the 
ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY, the article documented how the 
notorious baby-killer, Edward Allred, a self-professed 
"conservative, Reaganite Republican," had donated 
$436.050 to various "pro-life" politicians. Allred has 
made a fortune killing babies. He owns ranches and 
quarter-horse racetracks. (One of the latter in New 
Mexico also features a gambling casino.) He starts 
killing babies early in the morning and does not finish 
dismembering them until around midnight. Reporter Moxley 
quoted Allred, who cooperated with the article, as saying 
that part of the reason for his commitment to the 
practice of abortion was his belief that he was helping 
to ameliorate social problems caused by urban poverty and 
illegal immigration. Indeed, Allred is a latter-day 
embodiment of the ethos of Margaret Sanger, who believed 
in contraception and "family planning" as ways to 
engineer "undersirables" (blacks, the deformed, the 
retarded) out of our midst. He is unabashed in his 
support of what he does.

     Allred has supported the careers of U.S. 
Representative Dana Rohrabacher, California State 
Senators John Lewis and Ross Johnson, and California 
Assemblymen Curt Pringle (who ran unsuccessfully in 1998 
for California State Treasurer) and Scott Baugh. He also 
support then-State Treasurer Matt Fong, who lost his 
Senate bid to pro-abortion Barbara Boxer (whose daughter 
is married to Hugh Rodham, Hillary's little brother) 
after he switched his position from "pro-life" to "pro-
choice." As I note all of the time, no one who supports a 
single exception to the sanctity of innocent human life 
is pro-life and should not be referred to as being pro-
life. A person who makes even one exception to the 
sanctity and inviolability of innocent human life is less 
pro-abortion than others but he is not pro-life. That 
being noted (again and again and again), it is 
interesting to wonder whether Allred's largesse to Fong, 
for example, caused him to changed his position from his 
qualified, conditional opposition to some abortions to 
his embrace of abortion as a matter of a woman's 

     Allred knows his marks very well. He told reporter 
Moxley of the ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY back in 1998 that 
"abortion was settled a long time ago." He knows that 
establishment politicians who give lip service to being 
"pro-life" are not going to threaten Roe v. Wade and the 
many policies passed by Congress to support both chemical 
and surgical abortions. He is perfectly content to fund 
people who mouth a few platitudes now and then about how 
"terrible" abortion is but whose first priority is 
economic prosperity, something he holds very near and 
dear to the heart which so coldly beats while he stops 
the beating of the hearts of the innocent in their 
mothers' wombs. Allred knows that careerist politicians 
care only about being elected as an end in and of itself. 
They are willing to take money from almost any source in 
order to advance their careers. Clever, astute man.

     It would take a careful examination of the records 
of the Federal Election Commission (as well as the 
various boards of elections and state election 
commissions) to determine how many more Edward Allreds 
there are in the country. How many other baby-killers 
contribute to supposedly "pro-life" politicians as a 
means of curbing whatever tendencies they might have to 
advance the cause of objective justice founded in truth 
is an open question. It is certainly the case that many 
leading politicians who are conditionally opposed to some 
abortions accept hard money from donors who are corporate 
executives whose companies helped to fund Planned 
Parenthood and related organizations. This helps to 
explain why candidates deemed to be "pro-life" vote to 
fund Title X funding of domestic "family planning" 
organizations while still being labeled "pro-life" by the 
very misnamed National Right to Life Committee (as I 
pointed out in a recent issue of CHRIST OR CHAOS). Apart 
from the fact that the events which have been unfolding 
since the Renaissance and the Protestant Revolt have led 
to a matter-of-fact acceptance of the secularist and 
religiously indifferentist ethos which defines our social 
life, part of the explanation for the reticence of "pro-
life" politicians to advance the cause of the restoration 
of innocent human life rests with the simple reality that 
they are paid pipers who sing for their dinner, that is, 
for the money which will enable them to continue on the 
public dole (all the while receiving awards and honors 
for their "commitment" to the pro-life cause).

     "Conservatives" rightly denounced then-President 
Bill Clinton for the way in which he sold himself to the 
highest bidder in his desperate, despicable efforts to 
raise campaign cash in 1995 and 1996. Money was taken 
from donors who served as funnels for the Red Chinese 
government, Russian arms merchants, convicted drug 
dealers, and other nefarious figures. Clinton's mendacity 
had a direct impact on the policies his administration 
adopted with respect to Red China. And there was the 
appearance of a great deal of impropriety in the rash of 
pardons for the Rich and the famous who received a 
Christmas present on January 20, 2001, from the outgoing 
president. Why, then, are "conservatives" so slow to 
denounce the contributions of baby-killers? It's really 
very simple: getting elected as an end in and of itself 
is more important than refusing the money of those who 
destroy the innocent unborn methodically and in cold 
blood with black hearts.

     A feeler was made to me by a supporter of my 1998 
New York State Right to Life primary effort against then-
Senator Alfonse M. D'Amato who had contacts with the 
campaign of then-U.S. Representative Charles Schumer. The 
fellow told me that Schumer's financial backers had let 
him know that they could send a significant amount of 
money my way. Obviously, it was in Schumer's interest to 
have D'Amato lose the Right to Life Party line, which had 
provided him with his margin of victory in 1980 and 1992. 
However, I was running not to cause trouble for Al 
D'Amato nor to help elect the fully pro-abortion Charles 
Schumer. I waged my primary effort because I was fully 
pro-life and D'Amato, who supported the confirmation of 
the pro-aborts Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer  
and who supported Title X funding with pride and with 
enthusiasm  was not. If there is going to be a political 
party which stands for no exceptions to the sanctity of 
innocent human life, then it has to have candidates who 
are completely pro-life. As it turned out, D'Amato lost 
to Schumer even though he defeated me and retained the 
Right to Life Party line precisely because he tried to 
portray himself as a man who understood the "pro-choice" 
position, a man who boasted of his support for exceptions 
to the sanctity of innocent human life in the womb. 
However, I was not about to accept any blood money from 
Charles Schumer. I told the fellow who approached me with 
this proposition in June of 1998, "That's the Devil's 
money. I want nothing to do with it." The point of my 
campaign was not to defeat Al D'Amato at all costs. It 
was to keep the life issue visible in the election and to 
have a forum in the general election wherein some voters 
interested in paying attention to the campaign would have 
heard an articulate and rational defense of the primacy 
of the binding precepts of the Divine positive law and 
the natural law over us men and our civil societies 
rather than what D'Amato gave them (sloughing off the 
life issue as a matter of opinion, a la George W. Bush 
and Bob Dole). Better to lose an election than lose your 

     The paid pipers in Congress and our state 
legislatures certainly sing the tunes of those who pay 
them. We have to understand that we must only sing the 
tune of the One who paid for our salvation by the 
shedding of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the 
Holy Cross. Indeed, this month of July is dedicated to 
the Precious Blood of Jesus. As long as we remind 
ourselves of the fact that our ransom from the power of 
sin and eternal death has been purchased by the Blood of 
the Divine Redeemer (which splattered all over His 
Immaculate Mother), we will be able to resist being 
bought and paid for by the merchants who spill innocent 
blood so readily in this culture of death.

     Most Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!

Dr. Thomas Droleskey, speaker and lecturer, is a 
professor of political science, the author of CHRIST IN 
CONDITION (, and editor of the 
CHRIST OR CHAOS newsletter.

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