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by Thomas A. Droleskey

March 21, 2002

     It does not take a doctorate to recognize that 
"liberals" are among the most fascistic of people. The 
very people who claim to be champions of freedom give 
others the freedom only to agree with them. Anyone who 
disagrees with their "received teaching" must be 
denounced by the use of all manner of slogans. Indeed, 
those who dissent from cultural orthodoxy experience a 
sort of "excommunication" from various "privileges" 
extended to them by our prevailing cultural elite, 
sometimes including employment. The irony of this is very 
plain to see: those who incant slogans do not believe in 
them, as they are as autocratic and dictatorial as they 
claim the ones whose "intolerance" they oppose are 
alleged to be. Liberals, who are relativists and 
positivists, believe that they alone have the authority 
and the right to define the terms of social debate, no 
less the very meaning of the words used in such debate.

     Case-in-point: State of New York Attorney General 
Elliot Spitzer. As I mentioned in last month's issue of 
CHRIST OR CHAOS, Spitzer, who is up for reelection this 
year, has begun to harass Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the 
State of New York, focusing in particular on centers that 
are run by Christopher Slattery, who has dedicated the 
better part of the past two decades to helping women 
bring their unborn children to birth (and then to help to 
provide them with the means to support those children or 
to arrange for their adoption by loving couples). Spitzer 
is not ploughing new ground. No, he is merely going over 
the same ground ploughed in 1987 and 1988 by one of his 
predecessors, the notorious and nefarious Robert Abrams. 
Using the model devised by Abrams, Spitzer is claiming 
that Crisis Pregnancy Centers in se lie to women and 
therefore deprive them of their "right to choose" an 
abortion, especially by "pressuring" women with the sort 
of information that "frightens" them into giving birth 
rather than making "an informed choice" to "terminate 
their pregnancies."

     Herein lies Spitzer's typical pro-abortion and 
liberal hypocrisy and fascism: how is a woman supposed to 
"choose" rationally when she is not informed about the 
specific nature of a surgical procedure which kills her 
unborn child and places herself in medical risk? Of 
course, no one has the right to "choose" to kill any 
innocent human life from the first moment of 
fertilization through all subsequent stages until natural 
death. Granted. However, those who claim to be advocates 
of choice do not want women to choose rationally at all. 
They want women to act on impulse. And the first impulse 
of many women who have been convinced by the sex-
educators to engage in conjugal relations outside of 
marriage is to consider killing the fruit of their wombs 
as a result of their belief that our laws make such 
killing morally acceptable. So-called family planning 
agencies, such as Planned Parenthood, do not offer 
"counseling" about the true nature of abortion. 
Abortionists do not do so. Women who seek out 
"counseling" and "advice" from pro-abortion agencies and 
actual abortionists are encouraged to kill their children 
as soon as they can. Pro-aborts have done everything 
imaginable to defeat "informed consent" legislation in 
state legislatures and in the courts. The very people who 
scream bloody murder when women are not informed about 
the consequences of some alleged threat to their health 
caused by environmental or industrial pollution do not 
want women informed about the true nature of abortion 
(and its multifaceted physical and emotional 
ramifications) precisely because they favor bloody 

     Crisis Pregnancy Centers have offered real 
information to expectant mothers. Thousands of babies are 
alive today as a result of the love and generosity and 
support and hope offered to anxious women who have been 
on the verge of killing their children. Sure, some women 
entered Crisis Pregnancy Centers not knowing that they 
would be counseled to choose life rather than to deal 
death. How many women know the true agenda of Planned 
Parenthood, for example? Do not many women seek out 
Planned Parenthood without realizing the pressure they 
will receive from its employees to kill their children, 
no less to consider being sterilized as well? Although 
those of us who are pro-life know full well the true 
history of Planned Parenthood from its founding as the 
Birth Control League by the racist and eugenicist 
Margaret Sanger, the average person, including the 
average teenager, does not know anything other than that 
Planned Parenthood "is there" for them when they have an 
"unplanned" pregnancy. Even married women, especially 
those who come from Latin America, are pressured to use 
contraception or to accept sterilization. 

     Expectant mothers seeking "help" from a Planned 
Parenthood "clinic" are not receiving assistance from 
dispassionate observers of this country's social scene. 
No, they are being pressured to have an abortion, being 
told in most instances of the horrible effects of 
carrying a pregnancy to term would have on their lives 
(trap them in poverty, burden them with the care of a 
child when they could be pursuing a career, impede their 
social lives). An honest attorney general of a state 
would investigate and seek to shut down all so-called 
"family planning" clinics for dishonesty by the use of 
very manipulative pressure tactics and for medical 
malfeasance by the withholding of information which, if 
withheld from a patient in all other medical procedures, 
would be the grounds for actual malpractice lawsuits.

     As I noted last month, however, the fact that Elliot 
Spitzer is in power is the result of his predecessor's 
lack of moral courage. Former Attorney General Dennis 
Vacco, who was defeated by Spitzer very narrowly in 1998, 
refused to take the New York State Right to Life Party 
endorsement, taking the advice of then U.S. Senator 
Alfonse D'Amato that the Right to Life endorsement would 
be a political liability for him in a tight race. As it 
turned out, Vacco's lack of courage resulted in his 
defeat. He would have earned enough votes on the Right to 
Life Party line to put him ahead of Spitzer. How sad it 
is that establishment pro-lifers in New York did not seek 
to persuade Vacco to ignore D'Amato and the fully pro-
abortion Catholic Republican governor of the State of New 
York, George Pataki, and take a visible, public stand in 
behalf of the babies and their mothers.

     "He who is ashamed of Me and My doctrine before men, 
I will be ashamed of before My Father in Heaven." Vacco 
was ashamed of the pro-life position, thus enabling 
Spitzer to get elected -- and to thereby use the pulpit 
of New York attorney general to pummel and harass loving, 
selfless, giving volunteers who take seriously the words 
of the Divine Redeemer: "Whatsoever you do to the least 
of My brethren, that you do unto Me." 

     Spitzer is using this issue to help his reelection 
this year. However, it will be interesting to see whether 
the pro-abortion Republican Party in the State of New 
York will nominate a candidate who will oppose Spitzer's 
persecution of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the general 
election this fall. A candidate unwilling to oppose 
Spitzer forcefully on this issue is unworthy of the votes 
of pro-lifers, for a person unwilling to oppose evil in a 
campaign will never do so once in office. He will 
continue Spitzer's policies lest he run afoul of the pro-
abortion movement, which never hesitates to use its 
political clout to support only those candidates who are 
completely pro-abortion, raising the question once more 
as to why pro-lifers are so reluctant to support only 
those candidates who are completely and unqualifiedly 
pro-life. As I have noted so frequently, the more we 
enable the so-called lesser of two evils, the higher and 
higher the dose of that lesser evil becomes over time. 

     Our prayers and our efforts must support Crisis 
Pregnancy Centers, which are in many instances the only 
places where women are going to find themselves given the 
full truth about the sanctity of life and will be 
provided with the fullness of the spiritual and corporal 
works of mercy. We need to pray to Blessed Gianna, a 
married woman who carried her last pregnancy to term even 
though she knew there was a risk that she might die, who 
bears a loving witness to the truth that "Greater love 
hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for 
another." Those who volunteer in Crisis Pregnancy Centers 
are laying down their lives on a daily basis so that 
others may have life not only here in this vale of tears 
but for all eternity in Heaven. They are giving women the 
best choice of all: a chance for eternal blessedness with 
their progeny.

     May our Lady, the Mother of Life, help them in their 
hour of persecution.

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Dr. Thomas Droleskey, speaker and lecturer, is a 
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the CHRIST OR CHAOS newsletter.

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