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Hilmar von Campe

Hilmar von Campe was born in 1925 in Halle, Germany. He lived through the Nazi years and served in the German Army. In October 1945 he escaped from a POW camp in Yugoslavia and made it back to Halle after a dangerous trek across seven borders. He then took a degree in economics from the University of Hamburg, while learning English and Spanish. During that time, disenchanted by the moral and physical destruction of his country and the emptiness and lack of purpose in his own life, he found God and committed his life to changing society and remaking the world on the basis of God's absolute truth.

Mr. von Campe has traveled extensively around the world. He has lived with longshoremen, factory workers, and miners and debated with politicians, labor leaders, and Communists, learning much not only about social and economic conditions but also, and more important, about human nature and its failings.

The Cambridge International Who’s Who of Intellectuals wrote in 1992,
Hilmar von Campe in the fifties was in the forefront of building human relationships between people of different European countries who fought each other over generations.... In the sixties he lived and traveled through most of the Latin American continent, lived in the homes of ordinary people, and argued with presidents, generals, priests, and students, and learned to understand their different ways of thinking and acting. Finally in the seventies and eighties as a businessman he was at the heart of the issues that dominate the relations between industrialized and developing nations. As a member of the American-Mexican Chamber of Commerce he was for many years chairman of its subcommittee on foreign investments.
Mr. von Campe and his family now reside in Colorado Springs, where he runs his import business.

Hilmar von Campe is the author of four books: Moral Meltdown: The Core of Globalism (1996; second edition published 2001 by 1st Books Library,), Connecting with the Power of God (1996), Feigheit und Anpassung, Politik im Zwielicht (Cowardice and Appeasement: Doubtful Politics, 1989), and Deutschland im Globalen Bürgerkrieg: Der Schwindel der “Neuen Weltordnung” (Germany in the Global Civil War: The New World Order Hoax (2000)). See www.voncampe.com/books/books.shtm for a preview of Moral Meltdown.

He writes and lectures on the themes of his books, which include the moral collapse of Western society and the dangers of the lies and self-deceptions that we practice to our ruin, as well as the paramount importance of honesty, beginning with oneself, and moral regeneration, as individuals and as nations, as prerequisites for the survival of humanity.

Mr. von Campe’s experiences in the Third Reich — as a child in the Hitler Youth, a citizen subjected to tyranny and incessant propaganda, and a soldier in the most destructive war in history — provide him impressive credentials for identifying the nascent despotisms of the future and recommending the only cure that has ever worked ... obedience to God’s commandments.
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