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Protected by the Angels of Darkness
by Thomas A. Droleskey
February 1, 2001

As critical as I am of George W. Bush, he is the legitimately elected and inaugurated 43rd president of the United States of America. Those, including his predecessor, who contend that he “stole” the election are engaging in the sort of revisionism and wishful thinking that characterize disciples of the New Age movement. It was Vice President Al Gore and his collection of attorneys and paid stooges who tried to steal the election in Florida during the 36 days between November 7 and December 12. Indeed, at least one recount of the votes in Dade County, that conducted by the Miami Herald, indicated that Bush picked up six votes, putting the lie to all of the nonsense about votes having been stolen. We elect the president in the United States through the Electoral College, and George W. Bush won the Electoral College vote quite legitimately.

However, as I noted last month in “Bill Clinton Will Be Everywhere,” the 42nd president is not going away. As shameless as ever, he left office only hours after entering into a plea arrangement with Independent Counsel Robert Ray. On January 21, Ray noted in a news conference that one of the reasons he accepted a plea arrangement with Clinton was that Bush had indeed let him, Ray, know that it was his intention to pardon Clinton if Ray’s office secured a grand-jury indictment of America’s perjurer-in-chief. A jury might not have convicted Clinton if the case had gone to trial, but it would have been quite a reaffirmation of “equal justice under the law” even to put the master manipulator and liar in the dock.

Once again, Clinton skates on the edge of the law. Can there any doubt but that the man is Satanically protected? Who else could enter into a plea arrangement to admit that he knowingly gave false and misleading information when he was deposed by attorneys representing Paula Jones on January 17, 1998, and at the same time act as though he were a conquering hero. Who could remain popular in the eyes of nearly two-thirds of the American populace while doing so? Who else could admit to having subverted the system of justice — long after Judge Susan Weber Wright, in her contempt-of-court citation against him, ruled that he had done so — and then turn around and issue 140 pardons to a variety of fellow criminals, murderers, thieves, liars, scoundrels, and miscreants? The man is shameless to his very core, walking into a delicatessen in Chappaqua, New York, the day after he left office simply to be patted on the back and receive the adulation of mindless people who consider his law-breaking — and his contempt for the law and the courts — admirable.

Among those granted pardon or clemency by Clinton as the minutes ticked away on his corrupt presidency were Susan McDougal; his half-brother Roger Clinton; Susan Rosenberg, a member of the radical Weather Underground (an offshoot of SDS, a Communist-front organization), who was linked to the robbery of a Brinks armored vehicle and the murder of two New York state troopers; and one Marc Rich, who fled the United States owing $48 million in taxes and whose ex-wife Denise is a major fund-raiser for the Democratic Party. Interesting, however, that the man who kept his mouth shut about the extent of the Clinton scandals, former Deputy Attorney General Webster Hubbell, was left out of the pardoning process. Wonder whether Webb is going be writing himself a book about his former golfing buddy Bill and his former law partner Hillary?

There is no need to recite the long list of crimes committed by the former president and covered up by his ever-compliant attorney general (who has returned to Florida, where, conveniently, her pal Donna Shalala is the new head of the University of Miami). Each of us knows only too well about Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Vince Fostergate, Wacogate, Buddhist Temple Fundraising-gate, White House political fund- raisers and coffees and sleepovers-gate, the sellout of American national security to the Chinese Communists-gate, Lewinskygate, the bombing of Iraq and the Sudan and Afghanistan to divert attention from Lewinskygate, the defiance of a federal judge’s order to disclose the members of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s secret health-care advisory committee-gate, the disappearance of computer hard drives containing this nation’s nuclear secrets-gate, and on and on and on.

Those criminal activities do not include the uninterrupted succession of outright lies Clinton and his minions told about governmental policy and the goals of their hapless opponents, the Republicans. He lied all the time about every single bit of policy. Weren’t our troops in Bosnia supposed to be home by Christmas 1996? As for those Republicans, Bill Clinton could not have conjured up a more hapless and inept opposition if he had asked Barbara Eden to fold her arms and blink up a group of political adversaries who would always make him look good: “Jeannie, I want a group of people who will roll over when I say boo, people who will confirm whomever I send up to them to confirm, people who will let me use the American military as my personal plaything whenever I want to use them as such, people who will look the other way as I sell out American sovereignty and claim state lands for federal use, people who will strain to outdo me in my desire to sustain programs opposed to the plain language of the Constitution and violative of the natural-law principle of subsidiarity, yes, people who will be afraid of my very name.” A screenwriter could not have conjured up people better able to fit that request than former Senate majority leader Bob Dole, current Senate majority leader Trent Lott, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, et al.

Clinton blamed Republicans for forcing him into dealing with the issue of sodomites in the military when the truth of the matter was that he had raised the issue the day after his election in 1992. During the government-shutdown crisis in 1995–96, he said Republicans wanted to cut the budget and starve the elderly. In making that charge, he deliberately characterized a proposed cut in the rate of projected government spending as a cut in actual spending — an abject lie. He demagogued on the issues of health care and Social Security, took credit for the “balanced budget” and “welfare reform,” and kept lying and lying and lying about the “rarity” of partial-birth abortions.

Above and beyond everything else, Bill Clinton was the abortion president. From the moment he entered office to the time he left, Clinton did the Devil’s bidding concerning the promotion of contraception, abortion, sodomy, sex instruction, and every other manner of evil and perversion extant in our culture today. And he did it shamelessly in both domestic and foreign policy. He appointed pro-aborts to every level of the federal judiciary (with Republican “pro-life” senators, just going along to get along, confirming almost every single one of Clinton’s pro- abortion nominees). He used slogans (“safe, legal, rare”) designed to obscure the reality of what happens every time a child is systematically dismembered or poisoned in his mother’s womb, which is why President George W. Bush’s expressed intention to see abortions become “safe and less numerous” is so very troubling. (That was an extemporaneous remark right from the horse’s mouth, not a statement issued in Bush’s name that he did not write.) Clinton made war upon the Holy See’s efforts to combat the evils being promoted by the United States in the United Nations and related agencies, and he showed nothing but contempt for Catholics who took their Faith seriously and wanted to safeguard the family from his own vicious attacks and those emanating from the United Nations. He appointed several notorious anti-life, anti-Catholic bigots, such as James Hormel, to government positions.

As I noted three years ago during the impeachment proceedings, Clinton should have been impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate solely because he supported the execution of innocent children in their mothers’ womb under cover of law. No one who supports a single abortion is fit to serve in any capacity in government, much less in the presidency of the United States of America.

The Devil had his way with Bill Clinton. In my piece “From Luther to Clinton to Gore” — in the December issue of my newsletter Christ or Chaos — I made the point that Clinton is just the logical result of a set of forces that have been at work in the world from the days of the Renaissance and the Protestant Revolt and the rise of Freemasonry. Indeed, he is a poster boy for what was wrought when Luther posted his theses on the church door in Wittenberg in 1517. As horrible as Bill Clinton is — and as Satanically protected as he is — Clinton was never the problem, ladies and gentlemen. Hillary Clinton is not the problem. Al Gore is not the problem. Those people are only symptomatic of the much greater sickness plaguing our nation and the world: a mindset that accepts secularism and religious indifferentism as culturally normative and beyond human change.

Clinton is gone from office, although he will be everywhere. But his legacy is much more subtle than his overt actions of lying and obstructing justice, and granting pardons and clemency to those undeserving of them. No, Clinton’s real legacy illustrates the Devil’s cleverness of raising up people who are so bad that anyone else looks better in the eyes of well-meaning people. That is why so many people are rushing to repose religious faith in George W. Bush. After eight years of the stench and the corruption of Bill Clinton, good, well-meaning people mistake geniality for a commitment to fundamental justice founded in Truth. However, as I demonstrated last month in my column “Get a Grip on Reality,” Bush’s intellectual shallowness is such that he can have a statement read in his name that seems to indicate his opposition to all abortions even though he has said repeatedly that he supports abortion in certain cases. Glad to be rid of Clinton, though, a lot of good people don’t even want to see the inconsistency; they don’t want to apply the reasoning that the light of cold logic brings to bear on statements. (The principle of non-contradiction states that two mutually contradictory statements cannot both be true.) They want to believe that they have a hero now after eight years of looking at the Devil in the face. What they fail to realize is that that very attitude is one of the ways the Devil triumphs in our popular culture.

We must be about the business of praying and working for the Social Reign of Christ the King, not losing our minds to believe that anyone other than Clinton is our friend and will be committed to the pursuit of fundamental justice founded in Truth. Many of Bush’s appointees could have felt very much at home in a Gore administration; indeed, Colin Powell said last summer that he would have considered serving in such an administration. The only antidote to the poisons that have been spreading through the world in the past 700 years is Catholicism. Never lose sight of that fact, ladies and gentlemen. We place our trust in our Lord through His true Church, not politicians and their empty promises.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, give us the wisdom to see the world clearly through the eyes of the true Faith.

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