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April 16, 2002 A Policeman’s Lot May Not Be a Happy One —
But Is So Very Necessary

Discipline is necessary for salvation — and those charged with the latter must enforce the former.
March 26, 2002 Money Soaked in the Blood of the Innocent
What kind of pro-lifer raises money for pro-aborts? The kind that wants to be re-elected.
March 21, 2002 No Choice At All
Persecuting those who give out information
January 24, 2002 The Fascism of the Left
The American press doesn’t have to be censored.
January 16, 2002 Tokenism and Blindness
How good people are led astray by appearances
November 19, 2001 Vintage Clinton
The chief relativist speaks to budding relativists about relativism.
October 2, 2001 Empires Come and Go, including Ours
The United States is not exempt from the currents of history.
September 11, 2001 We’ve Done This to Ourselves
Causes — proximate and remote — and Cures
August 12, 2001 Preposterous
George W. Bush’s stand on stem-cell research is a preposterous position — but what else is possible once the Faith is ignored?
July 9, 2001 God Remains a Majority of One
That funding stem-cell research is even open to debate is a very telling commentary on the state of things within “conservative pro-life” circles.
June 2001 Paid Pipers
When “pro-lifers” take money from pro-aborts, who calls the tune?
June 2001 Just Proclaim the Truth Always
My unsought answers for the May consistory
June 7, 2001 A Free Country?
The two-party system was not part of the founding of this country.
May 28, 2001 The Country Is Not with Us
Pushing Bush further to the Left — not that he’s resisting much.
April 26, 2001 A Move with a Hidden Motive?
Smoothing the path for Alberto Gonzalez
April 23, 2001 Flattery Has Gotten the Babies Nowhere
When does a pro-abort pass for a pro-lifer?
April 17, 2001 The National Right to Some Life Committee
How the NRLC sells out the cause of the sanctity of innocent human life
April 14, 2001 Alleluia
Why everything matters.
April 10, 2001 Stealing Property of the Mind
The violations of the Ten Commandments all proceed one from the other.
April 6, 2001 Thirsting for Souls
“I thirst,” said Jesus. What do you suppose he was thirsty for?
April 4, 2001 The Plagues of the Twenty-First Century
Disease and plague are directly related to how human beings view themselves and the world in which they live.
March 30, 2001 Unprecedented Access
The conservative leaders whose egos are being stroked so tenderly by Bush staffers do not make policy
March 27, 2001 Nothing but an American Right
It’s not always right to exercise a “right as an American”
March 24, 2001 Strict Neutrality
Campaign-finance reform is pointless; American politics itself is the problem.
March 23, 2001 You Must First of All Love God
A person must first come to love God in order to be able to see the world clearly through the eyes of Faith.
March 19, 2001 Put Not Your Trust in Princes
Are presidents and other political elites a special class of people who should not even be questioned about their conduct?
March 12, 2001 No Rational Basis
Place no virtue of hope in a man who has demonstrated an utter lack of understanding of the life issue.
February 27, 2001 Blood Money Talks
Catering to those who come by their money and power illicitly
February 22, 2001 Out of the Old Ball Game
The baseball fan in the stands is simply window dressing for the TV cameras.
February 16, 2001 The Highest Deference
One more slogan replaces a rational thought.
February 13, 2001 The Powerful Never Learn
They, too, are not exempt from the laws of God and man.
February 9, 2001 Education and Charity Begin at Home
American public schooling is founded on the French Revolution’s concept of egalitarianism
February 6, 2001 The Land of Windmills and Murder
Only the Catholic Faith knows what to do about suffering.
February 1, 2001 Protected by the Angels of Darkness
Clinton was never the problem.
January 30, 2001 Clinton Set the Tone
It wasn’t just “playfulness.”
January 26, 2001 Beyond the Brave New World
How the demand for babies and the demand for abortions are related
January 23, 2001 Get a Grip on Reality
It’s easy to be misled by people who treat words as having no meaning.
January 19, 2001 Bill Clinton Will Be Everywhere
What did the United States do to deserve this?
January 15, 2001 Sandra Day O’Connor, Part Deux
George W. Bush is so predictable. Who do you think his first nominee to the Supreme Court will be?
November 15, 2000 Hey, Al, I Want a Recount, Too
Did the Republican machine in New York find the threat of my candidacy to be so real that it had to place obstacles in the path of voters who desired to support me in the Right to Life Party?
November 13, 2000 Justice Will Lose No Matter Who Wins
It’s only fear that leads Catholics to support pro-aborts.
October 24, 2000 Spinning for Pols
Catholics who supported Gore
October 23, 2000 Relativism Is Everywhere
Corporate America is producing a veritable army of future Bill Clintons and Al Gores.
(no date)
A True Friend of Our Lord and Our Lady
Thoughts on the death of Bishop Austin Vaughan

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